Timber Appraisal

Timber appraisals serve many purposes. Appraisals allow potential landowners to determine if a property is affordable to purchase, help landowners decide how to use timber profits to finance management objectives, etc. Wildlife habitat enhancement, road maintenance and food plot development are not cheap endeavors. Knowing timber value can be a good starting point for finding ways to fund this type of project.

New landowners need appraisals to establish a tax basis for their timber and then with the help of their accountants make the most of their investment. Timber prices fluctuate periodically and Timber Appraisals give landowners a baseline to help determine the value of their timber at any given time.

Think of a timber appraisal as an investment statement, you wouldn’t make any other investment without it. Why should you treat your timber investment differently? Give us a call to discuss setting an appointment to have your timber appraised.